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Introduction of Education Levels

Education Levels INTIAU: The Path of Academic Excellence

The Education Levels at INTIAU serve as milestones in a student’s academic journey. International Unit of Azad University (INTIAU) ensures a range of levels, starting from a Bachelor’s and ascending to a Ph.D., accommodating the diverse needs of global students.

Bachelor’s Degree at INTIAU: Building a Solid Foundation

This initial phase sets a robust foundation, paving the way for deeper academic engagements. It’s not just about textbooks; it’s about nurturing critical thinkers ready for challenges ahead.

Master’s Degree: Taking the Next Step with INTIAU

The Master’s program is more than an extension of the Bachelor’s; it’s about specializing, diving deeper, and realizing the nuances of one’s chosen field, marking another significant milestone in the Education Levels at INTIAU.

Doctorate & Ph.D.: The Zenith of INTIAU’s Education Levels

This isn’t just another degree; it’s the pinnacle of academic pursuits. At INTIAU, these programs are less about following and more about leading, encouraging students to break barriers and make innovative strides.

Quality, Commitment, and Excellence: INTIAU’s Promise

Every level, every course echoes INTIAU’s unyielding dedication to quality education. It’s not merely about imparting knowledge; it’s about crafting future leaders and innovators.

In conclusion, INTIAU’s Education Levels are meticulously designed, not just to educate but to inspire. Step in, explore, and embark on a transformative academic voyage with INTIAU.

Welcome to the International Unit of Azad University (INTIAU), where we offer a range of education levels designed to cater to diverse academic needs and aspirations.

Foundation Programs: Your First Step into Higher Education

At INTIAU, our foundation programs are the perfect start for those embarking on their higher education journey. These programs provide the necessary groundwork and orientation for success in various academic fields.

Bachelor’s Degrees: Building Your Academic Foundation

Our bachelor’s degree programs offer comprehensive education across numerous disciplines. Students gain in-depth knowledge and skills, setting a solid foundation for their professional careers.

Master’s Degrees: Advancing Your Expertise

INTIAU’s master’s programs are tailored for those seeking advanced knowledge in their field. These programs focus on specialized subjects, preparing students for leadership roles and further academic pursuits.

PhD Programs: Pinnacle of Academic Achievement

Our PhD programs represent the highest level of academic attainment. Here, students engage in original research, contributing to the body of knowledge in their chosen field.

Flexible Learning Paths

At INTIAU, we understand that every student’s path is unique. Our flexible learning options cater to different preferences and life situations, ensuring accessibility for all.

Interdisciplinary Opportunities

We encourage interdisciplinary learning, where students can combine different fields of study. This approach fosters a broader understanding and innovative thinking.

Education Levels INTIAU: A Comprehensive Overview

Global Perspective in Education

Our programs are infused with a global perspective, preparing students for the international stage. We emphasize global issues, cultures, and collaborative opportunities.

Experiential Learning

INTIAU believes in experiential learning. Our courses include practical components like internships, projects, and workshops, offering real-world experiences.

State-of-the-Art Facilities

Our campus boasts state-of-the-art facilities, providing an ideal environment for academic exploration and innovation.

Career-Focused Education

Each program at INTIAU is designed with a career focus. We equip students with the skills and knowledge needed to thrive in today’s competitive job market.

Commitment to Excellence

At INTIAU, our commitment to academic excellence is unwavering. We continuously update our curricula to reflect the latest trends and demands in education.

Community Engagement

We encourage students to engage with the community. This engagement enhances learning and fosters a sense of social responsibility.

Supportive Academic Environment

Our supportive academic environment nurtures student growth. We offer guidance and resources to help students achieve their academic goals.

Join the INTIAU Community

Become a part of INTIAU, where education levels are designed to unlock your potential and propel you towards your academic and professional goals.

In summary, the education levels at INTIAU are comprehensive, diverse, and designed to meet the needs of a global student body. We invite you to explore and find the program that aligns with your aspirations.

Welcome to the world of INTIAU, where our diverse range of educational levels caters to students from all walks of life, aiming to fulfill their academic ambitions.

Beginning with Pre-University Courses

At INTIAU, we start by offering pre-university courses. These programs are designed to bridge the gap between secondary education and university studies, providing students with the foundational knowledge and skills required for success in higher education.

Undergraduate Studies: Crafting Your Future

Our undergraduate programs are the heart of INTIAU’s academic offerings. From sciences to humanities, each program is structured to foster critical thinking, innovation, and real-world problem-solving skills.

Graduate Studies: Elevating Knowledge

INTIAU’s graduate programs are where knowledge meets depth. These courses are designed for those who wish to delve deeper into their field of study, with an emphasis on research and advanced learning.

Doctoral Studies: Leading the Way in Research

For those aspiring to reach the zenith of academic pursuit, our doctoral programs offer the opportunity to engage in groundbreaking research, under the guidance of esteemed faculty.

Specialized Certificates and Diplomas

Apart from degree programs, INTIAU also offers specialized certificates and diplomas. These programs are tailored for professional development and are ideal for those looking to enhance specific skills.

Customized Learning Experiences

We believe in a customized learning approach. At INTIAU, students can tailor their education to suit their personal interests and career goals, creating a unique academic journey.

Embracing a Global Education Model

Our educational model is global in its approach, incorporating international perspectives and standards. This global outlook prepares students for the challenges and opportunities of a connected world.

Innovative Teaching Methods

At INTIAU, we employ innovative teaching methods, integrating technology and interactive learning strategies to enrich the educational experience.

Research-Driven Curriculum

Our curricula are research-driven, ensuring that students are learning the most current and relevant material in their field of study.

Collaboration and Networking Opportunities

We facilitate collaboration and networking, providing students with opportunities to connect with peers, professionals, and industry leaders.

Support Services for Every Step

INTIAU offers comprehensive support services, from academic counseling to career guidance, ensuring that students have the resources they need to succeed.

Focus on Lifelong Learning

We encourage lifelong learning, offering continuing education opportunities for alumni and professionals who wish to keep abreast of the latest developments in their field.

A Community of Scholars and Innovators

Join a community of scholars, innovators, and leaders at INTIAU. Here, education is not just about acquiring knowledge; it’s about shaping the future.

In conclusion, the education levels at INTIAU are diverse, comprehensive, and designed with a global perspective. We are committed to providing an educational experience that prepares students for success in a dynamic world.

A Vision of Global Interconnection

International Azad University, through its International Unit, envisions a globally interconnected academic community. Their goal extends beyond offering courses; they aim to build bridges between cultures, equipping students to navigate the complexities of a globalized world.

A Campus Like No Other

Every campus of International Azad University, whether in Oxford, Dubai, or Iran, transcends traditional educational environments. It embodies the university’s spirit, merging learning with cultural experiences for holistic development.

International Azad University’s Tech-Forward Approach

In the rapidly evolving digital era, International Azad University remains at the forefront. Their advanced digital platforms, such as the course search tool, demonstrate a commitment to leveraging technology in enhancing the academic experience.

The International Azad University Community

Beyond courses and classrooms, the essence of International Azad University is its vibrant community. This mosaic of diverse backgrounds includes students, faculty, and alumni, all contributing to a supportive, enriching, and dynamic environment.

Worldwide Units and Collaborations

The strength of International Azad University lies in its extensive network of global partnerships. These collaborations, ranging from exchange programs to joint research initiatives, provide students with a comprehensive global perspective.

Research Opportunities at International Azad University

International Azad University doesn’t just foster learning; it encourages active contribution to global knowledge. With numerous research opportunities, students are motivated to question, explore, and innovate, contributing to the world of academia.

As / so long as

The website will continue to offer a wide range of multilingual content, given its commitment to serving a diverse audience.

As long as the focus on quality education continues, International Azad will remain a top choice for students.

INTIAU will remain a top choice for students as long as the focus on quality education continues.

Exploring Education Levels INTIAU: A Path to Academic Excellence

For the purpose of

To better facilitate global communication, the website is launching a new forum for international discussions.

For the purpose of enhancing global academic collaboration, International Unit of Azad University has initiated several international partnerships.

Azad University INTIAU has initiated several international partnerships for the purpose of enhancing global academic collaboration.

With this intention

Aiming to enhance user experience, the website is undergoing a comprehensive redesign to improve navigation and accessibility.

International Azad has established numerous start-up incubators. With this intention of fostering innovation.

INTIAU has established numerous start-up incubators with the intention of fostering innovation.

With this in mind

The website has increased its focus on mobile compatibility, recognizing the growing trend of mobile internet usage.

International Azad has designed its courses to meet the demands of the modern job market. With this in mind.

INTIAU has designed its courses with this in mind to meet the demands of the modern job market.

In the hope that

New virtual reality features are being added, hoping to provide users with an immersive educational experience.

In the hope that more students can access higher education, International Unit of Azad University has expanded its scholarship programs.

INTIAU has expanded its scholarship programs in the hope that more students can access higher education.

Shaping Future Leaders: Education Levels INTIAU

To the end that

The website is bolstering its cybersecurity measures, striving to protect user data and privacy more effectively.

To the end that it becomes a leader in sustainability, International Azad is investing in green technologies.

INTIAU is investing in green technologies to the end that it becomes a leader in sustainability.

In order to

To provide more tailored content, the website is enhancing its personalization algorithms based on user behavior and preferences.

In order to facilitate a global perspective among its students, International Azad encourages study abroad programs.

INTIAU encourages study abroad programs in order to facilitate a global perspective among its students.

 Seeing / being that

Recognizing the importance of timely and accurate information, the website has improved its news and updates section.

Seeing that technology is integral in education, International Azad is enhancing its digital learning platforms.

INTIAU is enhancing its digital learning platforms, seeing that technology is integral in education.

In view of

Considering the feedback from users, the website has simplified its registration process to make it more user-friendly.

In view of the need for practical experience, International Azad has increased its internship opportunities.

INTIAU has increased its internship opportunities in view of the need for practical experience.

Under those circumstances

In response to the increased demand for online resources, the website has significantly expanded its e-library.

Under those circumstances of rapid technological advancement, International Azad is focusing on STEM education.

INTIAU is focusing on STEM education under those circumstances of rapid technological advancement.

In that case

If there’s an uptick in user engagement, the website plans to host more live webinars and interactive events.

INTIAU plans to expand its campus facilities in that case of increased student enrollment.

Elevating Education: The Impact of Education Levels INTIAU

In that case of increased student enrollment, International Azad plans to expand its campus facilities.

For this reason

Due to the growing need for digital education tools, the website has increased its range of online courses and tutorials.

For this reason, International Azad emphasizes on continuous faculty development and training.

INTIAU emphasizes on continuous faculty development and training for this reason.

In effect

The website effectively serves as a central hub for international collaboration and knowledge exchange.

In effect, the diverse range of courses at International ensures a broad educational exposure for students.

INTIAU ensures a broad educational exposure for students, in effect, through its diverse range of courses.


As a result, the website has become a go-to resource for individuals seeking reliable and comprehensive international information.

Consequently, International graduates are well-prepared to enter the competitive job market.

Therefore, the International Website remains dedicated to expanding its reach and improving its services to meet global needs.


Following the launch of its new learning modules, the website has observed a significant increase in user engagement.

Thereupon receiving accreditation for new programs, International Azad will offer additional courses of study.

Journey Towards Knowledge and Innovation: Education Levels INTIAU


The website plans to immediately implement user feedback to enhance the overall experience.

Forthwith, International Azad plans to implement new environmental policies on its campuses.


Content strategies have been adjusted to better align with the emerging trends in global information sharing.

Accordingly, International Azad adjusts its curriculum to reflect the latest academic research and industry trends.


Moving forward, the website will focus more on interactive and dynamic content to engage its international audience.

Henceforth, International Azad will focus more on collaborative projects with global universities.

In the first place

Originally designed to facilitate global connections, the website continues to focus on bridging cultural and geographical gaps.

In the first place, International Azad was founded to offer accessible and high-quality education.

Not only … but also

The website is not just a repository of information but also offers a platform for cross-cultural dialogue and collaboration.

INTIAU provides academic excellence and also fosters a strong sense of community among its students.

Fulfilling Educational Aspirations: The Role of Education Levels INTIAU

In like manner

The website mirrors the global nature of its audience in its content and design, reflecting a wide array of cultural perspectives.

International Azad also provides extensive support services for its students. In like manner to its academic offerings.

INTIAU also provides extensive support services for its students, in like manner to its academic offerings.

In addition

Beyond providing news and information, the website also features interactive educational tools and forums for discussion.

International Azad offers online and distance learning options. In addition to traditional courses.

Diverse Learning Paths: Education Levels INTIAU

INTIAU offers online and distance learning options in addition to traditional courses.

Coupled with

Its extensive database of global resources is coupled with a user-centric approach to information delivery.

Coupled with its commitment to academic excellence, International Azad also places a high value on student well-being.

INTIAU also places a high value on student well-being, coupled with its commitment to academic excellence.

In the same fashion / way

Just as it values diversity in content, the website also emphasizes the importance of inclusivity in its community engagement efforts.

In the same fashion as other renowned institutions, International Azad emphasizes research-led teaching.

INTIAU emphasizes research-led teaching in the same fashion as other renowned institutions.

First, second, third

Firstly, the website focuses on delivering up-to-date global news; secondly, it provides educational resources; and thirdly, it fosters international connections.

First, the university values academic integrity; second, it promotes innovation; and third, it encourages community engagement.

In the light of recent global challenges, International Azad has intensified its focus on sustainable development studies.

First, INTIAU values academic integrity; second, it promotes innovation; and third, it encourages community engagement.

INTIAU has intensified its focus on sustainable development studies in the light of recent global challenges.

Not to mention

Aside from its educational and informational roles, the website also plays a crucial part in international networking.

Not to mention its wide range of academic programs, International Azad also offers various extracurricular activities.

INTIAU also offers various extracurricular activities, not to mention its wide range of academic programs.

To say nothing of

The website’s contributions to global education and communication extend beyond its core functionalities.

To say nothing of its impressive academic credentials, International Azad is also known for its vibrant campus life.

Equally important to its role as an information provider is the website’s commitment to fostering a global community.

Empowering Students for a Brighter Tomorrow: Education Levels INTIAU

INTIAU’s initiatives in community service and outreach are equally important as its academic programs.

By the same token

Reflecting the ethos of its international focus, the website places great importance on accessibility and user engagement.

By the same token, International Azad recognizes the importance of cultural diversity in enriching the educational experience.

INTIAU recognizes the importance of cultural diversity in enriching the educational experience, by the same token.

In the event that

The International Unit of Azad University Website plans to introduce a new interactive learning platform if it secures additional funding.

In the event that more research grants become available, International Azad could expand its scientific research capabilities.

Azad University INTIAU could expand its scientific research capabilities if more research grants become available.

Granted (that)

Azad University INTIAU can continue to upgrade its educational facilities, granted there’s sufficient funding.

The website will expand its global outreach programs, assuming there’s adequate support from its international partners.

Granted that there’s sufficient funding, International Azad can continue to upgrade its educational facilities.

Graduates holding their bachelor's degrees on the INTIAU campus.


Starting with secondary education, once students complete it, they aim for Azad University. Once there, they delve into a course that matches their desired field. Gradually, they gather between 130 to 150 credit hours. By the course's end, they achieve their bachelor's degree. It's worth noting that many of these undergraduate courses skip the entrance exam.

INTIAU students engaging in a master's lecture session.


Following the bachelor's, the Non-Continuous Master's Degree Program is up next at Azad. Each year, around July, hopefuls typically take the Open University's exam. Of course, having a Bachelor's degree is key for this. But, there's a shortcut: standout Bachelor's grads can jump straight to choosing their major for this Master's track, missing out on the exam.

Doctoral candidates discussing their research topics at INTIAU.


Moving on to the top tier, the Doctorate is Azad's crown jewel. Mainly, Master's degree holders are the ones to apply. But, there's a twist: top-tier Master's grads can swiftly zero in on their Doctoral specialty, dodging the usual exam. Given the Open University's towering reputation, these programs are a hot ticket for budding scholars.


4 - 5 Years
Enroll in a course
or program of study
  • 132 to 152 credits
  • 0 thesis credits
  • Full Time & Online


2 - 3 Years
Enroll in a course
or program of study
  • 32 to 48 credits
  • 6 thesis credits
  • Full Time & Online


4 - 6 Years
Enroll in a course
or program of study
  • 36 to 48 credits
  • 18 thesis credits
  • Full Time & Online


4 - 7 Years
Enroll in a course
or program of study
  • 210 to 300 credits ​
  • With a dissertation
  • Full Time & Online
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